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Hugs and Human Contact

Since becoming single on the first of January, I’ve been spending a significant amount of time trying to be wholesomely alone. Embracing the benefits of alone-time and trying to figure out what I value, and how I want to spend my time. It’s been good, and I definitely as though I have grown over the past month. However I would be lying if I was to say that I didn’t miss being with somebody.

I have heard, many many times, that it is essentially impossible to be entirely happy and healthy if you do not get at east 12 hugs a day. While the number 12 is almost certainly incredibly arbitrarily chosen, I feel as though there is definitive merit to the idea that without a certain amount of human contact on a daily basis, we are not meeting our human needs as completely as we should be.

And upon consideration, the idea makes sense.  We are, after-all, social creatures. And if you subscribe to any sort of psychology, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs place love/belonging below only our biological needs and our need for safety. Seems like a pretty high indicator that physical contact with other humans is pretty significant.

And after almost two months of having not received a single hug, I have definitely begun to feel the lack of human contact.

So this week will be dedicated to making plans for the coming weekend. To do what, I honestly don’t know. With who? I have a couple of ideas. 😉 I’ve got a friend I do calc with who is newly single, a co-worker 11 years older than me that I might have a chance with, and, beyond that, I’ll figure something out 🙂

So here’s a question,

Is it wrong, to be seeking human contact just for the sake of human contact?


The Value of Work

I am absolutely amazed at how much my drawing skills have increased over the past 4 weeks. It just goes to show how much of a diference a little bit of consistent work can make.

I mean seriously. If you do something for 30 minutes a day, every day for a 4 weeks, then by the end of that 4 weeks you will have put in 840 minutes (14 hours) of work. And while that certainly doesn’t sound like a whole lot, the results can be astounding. As you can see by my last post displaying my improvements over the course of what had been about three weeks. I will post a couple more photos today to round off the last month.

But I look at this and I can’t help but apply it to other portions of my life. What if I spent 30 minutes a day. Just 30 minutes. Coding. And coding anything really. It hardly matters. Working through problems in one of textbooks, working on a personal problems. Writing for loops. Anything is better than nothing right?

Anyway, here are some images that I drew over the last week. As an aside, I would just like to mention that none of these images are fully my creation. For  most of these drawings I was referencing somebody else’s art.






The ship is by far my favorite of the above images but hey, I have a thing for ships.

If there’s any chance you are an artist and reading this, feel free to jot down any tips for improvement that you might have for me.



I’m still getting used to this weird thing where I sleep for ~7.5 hours every night and have a significantly smaller amount of time to get everything done, but I find that it has forced me to prioritize (read: I’m still trying to figure out how to prioritize) all the things that I do. And I am definitely more alert to do the things that I love / want / have to do. And in the case of the last one, I get those things done faster, which still means that I find I have more time to do the things I want to do.

Take for example: Learn to draw.

I may have mentioned that I would be dedicating 30 minutes a night to drawing. And over the course of the past almost-month, I have found that my “skills” have increased dramatically. And while they are still nothing to be proud for the average person. They are definitely something for me to be proud of. I am going to make an effort to start posting my nightly drawings at least 2 times a week, maybe more. And to start that off I will post a variety of images from over the last month.

Very first Drawing:



And Day 2:



These are the two images that I will be using as a baseline for the year. On January 1st and 2nd of 2014 I will be drawing once again, a glass and a face and measuring them against these images to see how ,much I have improved.

And if you think that those are hideous I can’t exactly argue with you. Just look a little farther down the page. Some of the images aren’t quite this bad…

Following is an eye, and a face.




And a few renditions of  a house that I drew from a painting I purchased while in China.







What I like to call the Umbrella Man, I took the idea from a CD cover.  The band’s name was Radical Face. I happen to love their song Welcome Home. The link posts to their song on You-tube. Despite the wind-chimey strange opening. It’s actually a very soothing song.



Following that, I had a day where I just sketched a bunch of random things:



And in the above picture you can see a preview of the drawing I am most proud of:

The Ship.



I will admit, that I have a fascination with ships. I just love the way they look with sails billowing in the wind. And as I get better and better at this, I’m sure that you will see more ships. And Well-Drawn ships at that.

Anyway, like I said, I’m still getting the hang of working with only 16 hours in my day so while I’d like to be able to assure that I will post again this coming weekend. . . The likelihood is actually quite small what with my jobs, and school, and homework, and bike-training.

Until next time,


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