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Inspiration #1

Hey guess what?!?

It’s the first Inspiration Tuesday Post!

And I’m going to start off by saying, have you ever met (or rather, have you ever heard of) Scott Dinsmore?

He’s a pretty awesome, and definitely an inspirational, person!

Here’s his Ted Talk!

I think that one of my favorite things that Scott talks about is the importance of finding that which drives you, that which makes you tick, and spending your time doing the things that you absolutely love.

In fact, Scott has created an incredible amount of resources regarding finding and living off of your passion at his website liveyourlegend.net.

Going through his course allowed me to learn much about myself, including what my strengths are, what I value, what I believe in, and more. Anyone looking to learn more about themselves and their passions would be well off to look at his work.

Have a wonderful evening!




My Last free weekend and a return to blogging

Hey guess what? I’m back! It was a long break, but it was a necessary break. I needed some time to figure myself out. To learn what makes me tick. To understand my insideness, you know, the stuff inside me. I will be slowly integrating this site with my personal site austinprohl.com , and yes, it still needs plenty of work. But I’m partnering with my friend, mentor, and the most amazing designer that I know, Cecily Ellis Sakrison, to make things come together perfectly, or, at least as perfectly as a non-perfect system can be 🙂

I also have a posting schedule! It may change a little bit over time as I do this more and my desires and passions evolve but for now it’s gonna look like this.

Monday: Weekend Snapshot. A little bit about what I did, what I didn’t do. What I made. How I felt… The weekend! By the Way, I made a huge pot of spicy beans this weekend. I also managed to burn them three times. Yes, three. Ridiculous I know.

Tuesday: Things that inspire me, get me fired up, etc.

Wednesday: What I’m working on now.

Thursday: Any recipe’s that I’m either planning on attacking over the weekend, perfected last weekend, enjoyed during the week, you name it. Thursday is food day!

Friday: Thoughts on life. How the week went. How things are going. What I think, believe, etc. and why I think, believe, etc. it too.

Yep! Super excited! Just in case you weren’t sure, that’s 5 posts a week. 5 * 52 means 260 posts over the course of the next year. Do you think I can hit the mark? I betcha I can! Certainly I can hit 200! That gives me an entire two months worth of bad days. Shouldn’t really be too much of an issue.

But anyway, I just thought I’d et you know that I am back! OH! And I’m moving to Portland! Not sure if I mentioned that earlier or not. I’m definitely moving back to Portland!

Have a great Monday and I’ll catch you with some inspiration tomorrow 🙂


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