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Success and Failure

So I’ve been thinking recently that in order to be really inline with yourself you should have the ability to say, at the end of the day, either: I have been successful today. or I have not been successful today. I have failed.

For me. Today. On June 4th, 2013. This will be a 50% day. But hey, I’m getting better.

I thought if I shared what success on a daily basis would mean for me and made a commitment to post whether or not I was successful on Twitter every single day, I would be more likely to actually be successful. So here goes.

For me, being successful on any given day means that I have done 1 of a few different things.

1) Written at least 50% or more of a blog post. – This one must be paired with something else. But should still happen at a rate of three publications a week.
2) Worked on the development of a clearly planned website or web-app for 2 hours.
3) Learned “something” – Javascript, jQuery, PHP, Ruby,etc – for at least 2 hours.

4) Done something nice and active and mind clearing. – this should also be done in conjunction with another task. Preferably not  a blog post.

A 50% day is a day that I only do a blog post or only go for a run/something active or only do 50% of either of the other two tasks.

A 75% day is a day that I either do a blog post and something active or do only an hour of the middle two items and Both of the first and last.

While a 100% day would be a day where I successfully complete one of the middle two items and and any of the other two items.

A 200% day would be a day where I get both item 1, 2 and either one of 2 or 3 done.

So there’s my definition of daily success.

What does Success mean for you?

Also, as a side note, in order to be more capable of reaching success on a daily basis, I have put in my two weeks at my second job. No more 80 hours a week for me and no more delivering Pizza! Extra Life means Extra Goodies.


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