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My Camera is back – Photos and Chess

I got my Camera Back today!


This means (hopefully) no more terrible photos 🙂

In case you didn’t know, my camera has been in the hospital for the last week recovering from a lifetime of abuse. I couldn’t even manually set the shutter speed anymore. How terrible right?!? Anyone who loves their camera AND shoots in manual or even plays with manual from time to time can surely sympathize with my pain.

I had actually pretty much completely stopped taking photos because it was such a pain to use my camera. As somebody who had absolutely loved taking photos for 3-5 years I started dreading needing to use my camera. A little confusing I suppose but, sometimes life is confusing. I assumed it was because for some unknowable reason I had just become an incredibly terrible photographer over night. Either that, or my standards were raised higher than they should have been and I just felt like I was suddenly no good at taking pictures. I think another problem that I may have been having was that I lost all sense of objectivity, I would look at a photo and immediately think, I could have done better, this is crap. And quickly, my confidence in my ability to take pictures was shot to crap.

So when I got my camera back today I promised myself one thing, I am just going to enjoy taking pictures, and not really care if they are technically good or bad. All that I am going to choose to care about is that I enjoy the feeling of taking the pictures and that I kinda enjoy looking at them later.

And on the subject of that, here’s some pictures I took this weekend.


This was a picture I took at our local farmer’s market this weekend while sitting on a bench and eating some Vegan doughKnots thats I regretted purchasing before the many even left my hand. Oh well. I was able to sit down and take this lovely picture with my point and shoot camera. I later (as I’m sure you can tell) turned about half the photo black and white. The blue tent in the upper left hand corner was just too overpowering.


I also took a picture of this lovely girl sitting in a char and listening to live music that was most definitely of an era long before she was born. I only know cause that’s how I felt and she didn’t look nearly old enough to be my mother and a half.

I also finished my chessboard this weekend! As I’m sure you could have guessed from my first photo.


This is the first picture I have of what was then my soon to be chessboard. After one failed game that I blamed on not really being colored appropriately and distraction.

Shortly thereafter I had this . . .

. . . with the laquer drying on the roof of my car. It definitely plays a good game now 🙂

Though I may have lost on it the first time I played on the finished board. I am determined to win before I leave this town.

I can’t wait to share with you what I ended up making for dinner sunday night! Though I warn you now, the pictures were taken with my point and shoot that has a terrible light sensor.

Until then,

Have an excellent late late evening. So late that it’s actually tomorrow. Which actually means,

I’ll catch you with some inspiration later today 🙂

Have a great one!



My Last free weekend and a return to blogging

Hey guess what? I’m back! It was a long break, but it was a necessary break. I needed some time to figure myself out. To learn what makes me tick. To understand my insideness, you know, the stuff inside me. I will be slowly integrating this site with my personal site austinprohl.com , and yes, it still needs plenty of work. But I’m partnering with my friend, mentor, and the most amazing designer that I know, Cecily Ellis Sakrison, to make things come together perfectly, or, at least as perfectly as a non-perfect system can be 🙂

I also have a posting schedule! It may change a little bit over time as I do this more and my desires and passions evolve but for now it’s gonna look like this.

Monday: Weekend Snapshot. A little bit about what I did, what I didn’t do. What I made. How I felt… The weekend! By the Way, I made a huge pot of spicy beans this weekend. I also managed to burn them three times. Yes, three. Ridiculous I know.

Tuesday: Things that inspire me, get me fired up, etc.

Wednesday: What I’m working on now.

Thursday: Any recipe’s that I’m either planning on attacking over the weekend, perfected last weekend, enjoyed during the week, you name it. Thursday is food day!

Friday: Thoughts on life. How the week went. How things are going. What I think, believe, etc. and why I think, believe, etc. it too.

Yep! Super excited! Just in case you weren’t sure, that’s 5 posts a week. 5 * 52 means 260 posts over the course of the next year. Do you think I can hit the mark? I betcha I can! Certainly I can hit 200! That gives me an entire two months worth of bad days. Shouldn’t really be too much of an issue.

But anyway, I just thought I’d et you know that I am back! OH! And I’m moving to Portland! Not sure if I mentioned that earlier or not. I’m definitely moving back to Portland!

Have a great Monday and I’ll catch you with some inspiration tomorrow 🙂


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