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Prepping for the week

Before I start talking about what all I cooked last night, let me pose a question that begs to be answered. How do you put a price on something that comes off a bush? Or out of a garden for that matter? Is it free once you’ve paid for the land? Or the bush?  Or the plant? I rented a 20′ x 20′ plot of land on Wednesday that is 2.5 miles from my current apartment. The plot cost me $50.00. Now here’s the question I have to ask myself. Let’s say I plant another $50.00 worth of plants. Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Zucchini, Peppers, Herbs, Lettuce, Cabbage, Maybe a melon if I have space. I don’t really think that would add up to $50.00 but you get the idea. That’s only $100.00 spent on this garden. Given that figure, how does one mesure the value of the food I lift from the garden. Do I just count, every time I take something away from the garden I add it to a growing tally in my head. Today I took the 357th item from this garden. And then just divide 100 by that number to determine the value of the food? Talk about savings. Of course that doesn’t account for whether or not I am taking what would ordinarily be a 9 cent jalapeño or a 5 dollar watermelon. I suppose I will continue to mull this over in my head as I clearly am not ready to come to a congruent solution.


In other news, last night, I made 18 cups of food for a mere $6.73. Beans, squash, and rice. YUM!!! If you figure that the most I can eat at any one given meal is going to about 1.5 cups. That means that my 18 cups of food should spread out over 12 meals. Sounds good to me I say. That means that per serving, The food I made yesterday will cost only $0.56.  Which, may I point out, leaves me plenty of expense to throw it all down on a nice bed of greens with a couple pinches of nuts, and dried raisins, and the like. I’m already excited for the week ahead 🙂

In other news, This pepper shaker mysteriously showed up at my house yesterday. Addressed to me. With no return address. So I’m sending a thank you out into the world through every channel that I have access to. Thank you for the Pepper Grinder oh Mysterious one.



And with that I bid you a good day.


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