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Success and Failure

So I’ve been thinking recently that in order to be really inline with yourself you should have the ability to say, at the end of the day, either: I have been successful today. or I have not been successful today. I have failed.

For me. Today. On June 4th, 2013. This will be a 50% day. But hey, I’m getting better.

I thought if I shared what success on a daily basis would mean for me and made a commitment to post whether or not I was successful on Twitter every single day, I would be more likely to actually be successful. So here goes.

For me, being successful on any given day means that I have done 1 of a few different things.

1) Written at least 50% or more of a blog post. – This one must be paired with something else. But should still happen at a rate of three publications a week.
2) Worked on the development of a clearly planned website or web-app for 2 hours.
3) Learned “something” – Javascript, jQuery, PHP, Ruby,etc – for at least 2 hours.

4) Done something nice and active and mind clearing. – this should also be done in conjunction with another task. Preferably not  a blog post.

A 50% day is a day that I only do a blog post or only go for a run/something active or only do 50% of either of the other two tasks.

A 75% day is a day that I either do a blog post and something active or do only an hour of the middle two items and Both of the first and last.

While a 100% day would be a day where I successfully complete one of the middle two items and and any of the other two items.

A 200% day would be a day where I get both item 1, 2 and either one of 2 or 3 done.

So there’s my definition of daily success.

What does Success mean for you?

Also, as a side note, in order to be more capable of reaching success on a daily basis, I have put in my two weeks at my second job. No more 80 hours a week for me and no more delivering Pizza! Extra Life means Extra Goodies.


I have a goal

Do you ever have goals?  Dreams? Desires? Anything that you just really wish that you could either accomplish or achieve or witness or experience?  I do. Though I saw a cartoon earlier today that indicated that perhaps we should do these things less. For it is in the having of wants and desires that we make ourselves unhappy. And it is in the thinking of ourselves that makes us even less so.

If you have ever heard of Leo Babauta he has similar ideas and says that in living a life free of goals and self-expectations (with 6 kids and a wife) he has found so much more happiness than he ever could have imagined. Makes you wonder doesn’t it? Should we really have goals?

Nevertheless, despite what I sometimes wonder, I do have goals. And the one that I am going to spend the day focusing on is my goal of spending only $200 on groceries in the month of January. That equates to $2.15 a meal. or $6.45 a day.

What?!? Is this even possible? I believe that it is. Especially since I am single and have no problem eating the same meal several days in a row. Not that I think eating the same meal every day is a necessity to achieve this goal but, as a Vegan who believes in whole foods and eating plant based and attempting to eat Organic at least 50% of the time, I do think that making meals that can be frozen, or eaten two or three times will ultimately make this process much easier for me. After-all, If I make an $8.60 pot of soup, and eat the soup for 4 meals, piece of cake right!

So today I will be doing a little bit of Math, trying to figure out exactly what a half cup of say, cannellini beans costs vs. a half cup of black beans vs. a half cup of quinoa vs. a half cup of black lentils. Not because when I figure out what is cheapest I will use only the cheapest ingredients but so that I can easily figure out how to balance different ingredients to make appropriately priced dishes.

And of course, things like oatmeal for breakfast, cooked with the bags of home frozen berries that Tara (my future Step-Mom) gave me at the end of my visit home this last week should help me drive prices down at breakfast in order so that I can maybe drive them a little bit at other meals. Careful planning I believe, is all that matters.

So today, not only will I be doing Math, but I will also be creating a menu for the month that should make it exceptionally easy (I hope) to accomplish this goal.

Which will ultimately roll the goal over to February, and then March, and then April, but one Goal at a time please! one Goal at a time!

What goals do you have or the month of January? Or do you also believe that having goals and desires brings us more unhappiness than happiness? If you do, why do you believe this?

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