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Simplicity is hard

Hallelujah Friday! It’s definitely been a good week. Despite the fact that it was my first week back as a Delivery Driver on top of my day job as Web Coordinator of the College of Art and Architecture. 70 hour weeks for the win! Nah, I may complain from time to time about being busy but I’m really just thankful that I can pay the rent and eat as healthy as I want as a college student. No. In a state with 6.2% unemployment I am definitely thankful to have two jobs.

So, as most of you probably don’t know, I am an extreme minimalist. Or at least, I am on my way to becoming an extreme minimalist. I got rid of my bed back in October 2012. Ditched most of my clothes at a Goodwill in January. Dispersed an entire bookcase worth of things in February. And I keep going. I recently posted my external computer monitor on craigslist because, while it is certainly nice to have around, it definitely isn’t a necessity and I feel like I have a slightly unhealthy attachment to it.

But you see, as much as I run around getting rid of things, at some point I thought it would be a good idea to start filling those spaces back up. And I did it without any real conscious thought! That’s what bothers me the most! But the other day I started to feel crowded again and when I looked around I noticed that, just like before I got rid of everything, every single corner of my room was filled with something.  And while certainly in most of those corners it was plants, and plants are hardly bad, it struck me how extremely difficult it can be to live a minimalistic lifestyle because filling our lives with things just seems to be the way that things inherently work these days. Oh what’s that? you have space in your life? Fill it! Fill it Now! Surely I am not the only one who feels this way?

And it’s interesting right? because while I am going out and trying to actively simplify my life and the things that I need and have and the things that cause me to use up my precious time, here I am purchasing LIVING CREATURES. That I have to take care of, lest they die. That doesn’t sound uncomplicated to me. No, it sounds much the opposite actually.

In an effort to re-simplify and get back to the necessities as defined by myself and not by society, when I move back to Portland in July I will be taking only what fits comfortably within the sphere of my Jeep. In fact, I may have to downsize long before then as I will be effectively homeless for 4 days in June while I am between leases. Everything that doesn’t fit in my car then will definitely just have to find a different home and I think that some of my plants just might be the first to go.

What are your thoughts?

What do you think is unnecessary? Should I keep the plants and lose something else instead?

Let me know in the comments,



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